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About Jupiter Systems

A history of innovation.

Jupiter has empowered organizations large and small, public and private, by delivering a revolutionary way for them to see their businesses for over 30 years.

We pioneered display wall processor technology, bringing a 360-degree view of operations to the control rooms of many of the world’s most venerable organizations. We made access to critical visual information simple, secure and reliable.

We’re still innovating.

Managing a successful global enterprise requires that managers—inside and outside of the control room—be able to see and engage with every corner of the business in real time. Anytime, anywhere and on whatever device is handy. And that’s what we’ve delivered. With technologies like Canvas and Fusion Catalyst™, Jupiter takes visualization and collaboration to a level previously unimaginable, enabling real engagement for widely dispersed teams.

Jupiter’s goal: To enable rapid, accurate, informed decision-making by delivering collaborative visualization products that transform business.




Jupiter Customers


Jupiter’s collaborative visualization solutions are used by businesses and governments in thousands of installations around the world. Highly scalable and secure, they are designed for use on video walls, PCs, smartphones and tablets, and are used in manufacturing, finance, security, power generation and distribution, finance, transportation, and military operations around the world. Some of our clients include:



Research & Development

Jupiter Systems is recognized as the innovation leader in collaborative visualization. Jupiter breakthroughs include the first display wall processor to present multiple windows on a display wall, the first processor allowing users to run Windows applications directly on the video wall, the first distributed display wall system, and the first collaborative visualization software to connect users on video walls, PCs, and mobile devices.


Channel Strategy

Jupiter understands the importance of partnering with best-in-class integrators to ensure customers receive support and solutions of the highest standard. Our partnerships are based on mutual benefits and long-term commitments. We consider our resellers and integrators to be an extension of Jupiter, and we back them with the best products, training, and support in the industry.


ISO Certification

Jupiter Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design, development, manufacture, marketing, sales, order fulfillment, and call center support of visualization products.


Commitment to Quality

At the core of our Quality Management System (QMS) is a strong commitment to delivering consistently superior products and services to our customers. Through documented quality management practices, ongoing performance assessments, and industry benchmarking, Jupiter Systems maintains best-in-class standards for the quality of our products as well as the reliability of our services.


Environmental Sustainability

Jupiter Systems recognizes its corporate responsibility to protect the environment and is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We provide energy-efficient solutions to our customers that help them to meet their operational and environmental goals. Jupiter products are used around the world in applications that help reduce emissions and waste, including advanced mass transit systems, intelligent traffic management centers, smart power grids, and next generation manufacturing.