Jupiter Care

Every business and public agency is under pressure to keep systems up and costs down, and to maximize the value of any hardware and software investment. The Jupiter Care program helps you achieve this by providing comprehensive technical support and the latest updates for all Jupiter products. We have the know-how to increase uptime, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and drive efficient business outcomes. We have been doing it for over 20 years, and we have proven our worth with thousands of customers and installations worldwide.
We think you will find Jupiter Care more comprehensive and a better value than any other warranty and support program in the industry.

Program Highlights

The goal of Jupiter Care is to simplify and consolidate Hardware Warranty and Software Support & Updates into one maintenance agreement, and to provide an enhanced Support Service Level Agreement (SLA), all at a great price. We’ve even increased the period of free coverage included with hardware systems purchased to 2 years.

  • Jupiter hardware products* ship with 24 months of Jupiter Care, which includes both Hardware Warranty and Software Support & Updates.
  • Jupiter software products** ship with 12 months of Jupiter Care, which includes Software Support & Updates.
  • Jupiter Care can be extended to cover a maximum period of 5 years after initial system purchase.
  • A significant discount is available if extended years of Jupiter Care (Years 3, 4, and 5 for hardware products, Years 2, 3, 4, 5 for software products) are purchased at time of initial system purchase.
  • Jupiter Care guarantees Advance Replacement of faulty boards and parts within 48 hours of engagement of Jupiter Systems Tech Support. (Advance Replacement of complete systems, if required, is guaranteed within one week.)
  • New, prioritized Tech Support response times and escalations.

*Includes Fusion Catalyst, PixelNet, and StreamCenter. **Includes Canvas and TouchCommand.


Why Choose Jupiter Care?

Jupiter Care delivers the resources that help our clients protect and extend the value of Jupiter products and solutions.

  • Software and Firmware Updates: Get the latest updates, new features, and available solutions.
  • Access: One-on-one support, on the phone and online.
  • Stability: Increase system performance and reduce downtime.
  • Problem Resolution: Full access to our technical resources and Jupiter experts.
  • Communication: Receive proactive notification about new software versions and patches.
  • Responsiveness: Prioritized advance replacement on faulty hardware.
  • Defined Response Time Objectives.

What Products Are Covered?

All Fusion Catalyst and PixelNet systems purchased on June 10, 2013 or after are covered under Jupiter Care. Jupiter Care extends to all of the products belonging to those two product lines, including nodes, switches, and other related hardware purchased from Jupiter.
Fusion Catalyst and PixelNet systems purchased prior to June 10, 2013 are covered under the previous warranty and support programs until their current policy terms expire. Additional years of support for such systems which are less than five years old may be added under the Jupiter Care program if continuous coverage under the previous programs was maintained.
All Canvas and TouchCommand products are covered under the Jupiter Care program for software products.
Download Jupiter Care datasheet

Out-Of-Program Support

Out-Of-Program support is offered for systems which do not qualify under the Jupiter Care program or whose owners have elected not to participate in the Jupiter Care Program.

Out-Of-Program support allows product owners to contact Jupiter Systems Technical Support to arrange for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) for their Jupiter product via phone, web, or e-mail. Such owners are not entitled to Jupiter Care services, including remote diagnosis, software or firmware updates, or any other features of the Jupiter Care program.
Such Out-Of-Program systems returned to Jupiter under RMA will be repaired on a Time & Materials basis. All such systems will be subject to a flat fee of $500 for system diagnosis. A cost-to-repair estimate will be provided to the system owner and must be approved in writing before any repairs are performed. Such repairs are subject to both schedule and parts availability.

Support Options Compared

Type of Support Jupiter Care Out-of-program
Incident Reporting with RMA
Software/Firmware Support &Updates Not Available
Hardware Warranty Support Not Available
Phone/Email/Web Support Not Available
Prioritized Advanced Replacement Not Available
Prioritized Response Time Not Available
Feature/Enhancement Requests Not Available