Technical Support FAQs

How do I return a system under RMA?

First, it is best to call Jupiter Support to make sure that you have hardware that has failed and needs replacement. In the event that you have swapped out a component and repaired the system, go to the Jupiter Systems web site and fill out the RMA Form. You will need the serial number and manufacturing date from the UL label on the rear panel of the system. Read and follow the instructions on the RMA Instructions page.

How do I get an RMA number?

Fill out the RMA Request Form on our web site. This form gives us the important information we need to process your request. You will need to know the model, serial number, and date of manufacture from the UL label for each system needing repair.

Do I need an RMA number to get system or component repairs?

Yes. The RMA process starts by letting our receiving department expect your shipment; know what it is when it gets here, and route it to the appropriate tech for repair.

How do I contact Jupiter support?

You can contact support through e-mail, phone, or fax, details can be found on the Support home page.

How do I know if my system is under warranty?

Call your dealer or sales representative, or contact Jupiter support. You can get a good idea by looking at the manufacturing date on the UL label on the rear of the system. All systems have at least two years of hardware warranty and one year of software support.

What does my software support do for me?

The software support allows you all software upgrades and phone/email technical support.

How do I receive training on Jupiter products?

First, read the Training Information page on the Jupiter web site and then fill out the Training Request Form. Training is scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.  The Jupiter Training Center can accommodate up to eight people comfortably. 

Do you have a training syllabus?

There is a general outline of the training on the Training Information page on the Jupiter web site.