Sales FAQs

Who is my sales representative?

Jupiter Systems markets it's state-of-the-art display wall processors through a world-wide network of authorized resellers and integrators. We support our integrator network directly through regional sales managers. If you are an end-user in search of a reseller, or a reseller who would like to sell Jupiter product, you can contact the regional sales manager that covers your geographic region, a list of our RSM's can be found in the Sales Areas page.

What is JOQS?

JOQS (Jupiter Online Quote System) is an online tool that allows Jupiter Authorized Reseller's and Regional Sales Managers to generate valid quotes for Jupiter Display Wall Processors, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. JOQS quotes are required as part of the ordering process, JOQS establishes correct configurations and pricing for all Jupiter products and ensures that quotes are technically correct. JOQS allows resellers and sales management to track and maintain quotes and prospects with an intuitive interface and online accessibility.

How do I find a reseller for Jupiter products?

Our regional sales managers can direct you to an appropriate reseller. A list of our RSM's can be found in the Sales Areas page.

How do I become a Jupiter reseller/ integrator?

Becoming a Jupiter integrator requires three steps:

  1. Contact your regional sales manager, by phone or email.
  2. Provide your company and financial details in a application form provided by your RSM.
  3. Upon application approval, get trained by Jupiter.

Please note that not all applicants will qualify as a Jupiter reseller. Written confirmation of approval is required to represent our products.

How do I access JOQS?

JOQS is provided to only authorized resellers and to access the system you must be provided a login by JOQS administration.

What is the Jupiter sales process?

Jupiter is easy to do business with. As a Jupiter authorized reseller, the process is simple as:


Determine your customers display wall processing needs, using your regional sales manager as a resource to help with demos, documentation, and needs assessment.

If you have access to JOQS, generate a quote for the system. If you do not have access to JOQS, your regional sales manager will generate a JOQS quote for you.

When you are ready to order the system, fax or email Jupiter a purchase order which includes the quote number of the system you which to purchase. This will generate a sales order and start the manufacturing process of that system.

Within 1 business day, assuming the PO is correctly generated, Jupiter will confim to you the estimated ship date for the order.

How long does it take to build my processor?

During the sales process a confirmation of the delivery time will be provided to the reseller in writing. Manufacturing time varies upon model purchased, configuration, and current manufacturing activity. All orders are processed on a first-come-first-served basis, but attention is paid to the needs of high-priority orders. Orders delivered with ample delivery lead time offer Jupiter the most flexibility, and generally means that we can deliver exactly on the date requested, orders completed at the last minute cannot be guaranteed to be delivered in a short timeframe.

Generally, processors can be built and delivered within a 2 week window after order, but Jupiter guarantees delivery within 45 days upon receipt of order. The absolute minimum timeframe to build and deliver a system is 2 days, as there is a strict manufacturing process that includes a live burn-in period as part of the process. Circumventing this process is not possible.