Break boundaries in performance and flexibility.

Catalyst XL™

Catalyst XL is the new, flagship display wall processor from Jupiter, providing the fastest bandwidth on the market to power enormous display wall configurations. Catalyst XL offers more 4K IP and direct inputs, more memory, and more power for the most demanding enterprise video wall installations.

  • Unparalleled bandwidth speed
  • Power up to 48 displays using display loop
  • Supports up to 156 4K direct inputs
  • Decode up to 156 H.264 streams
  • High-core CPU for native Windows applications
  • Hot swappable enterprise-grade hardware
  • Supports award-winning Canvas collaborative visualization software

Fastest Bandwidth on the Market

Catalyst XL utilizes the latest PCIe technology to capture and display video sources with resolutions up to 4K. At speeds of 15.8 GB/s, PCIe Gen 3 x16 technology is the fastest bandwidth available. This technology is based on point-to-point topology to enable capture boards and CPUs to send their video data directly to the graphics board without the unnecessary step of going through system memory. PCIe bus supports full-duplex communication between any board for full frame rate transmission from source to display. Ultra-fast bandwidth increases the density of processing power, reducing the number of input/output boards and the overall hardware footprint.

2K, 4K, and 8K Capture Technology​

Catalyst XL is available with a new four channel HDMI 4K input board from Jupiter Systems, capable of ingesting resolutions up to 4K per input. Each port can function autonomously with the ability to transfer, crop and scale—or all four ports can be synchronized for 8K capture.

Purpose Built Hardware

For over 30 years, Jupiter by InFocus has been designing and manufacturing display wall processors, leveraging cutting edge technology to create hardware for the most demanding display wall installations. Catalyst XL includes new capture board technology that ingests sources with resolutions up to 4K and makes the data available over the PCIe bus. Next generation DMA technology, called DirectGMA, enables high speed data transfer from the capture board to one or more GPU boards. The GPU board is specifically designed to drive an arbitrary number of displays while maintaining frame synchronization across multiple boards, for bigger, more complex configurations.

Windows 10 LTSB

Catalyst XL is built on Windows 10 LTSB, a specialized version of Windows 10 that offers the best of a Windows environment, including comprehensive security, while eliminating challenges associated with automatic updates. Windows 10 LTSB and Canvas continue to support Workgroup or Domain configurations to ensure flexible deployments—whether they are standalone video walls or connected to the corporate network.

Supports Canvas Standalone or Enterprise

Jupiter's display wall management software, Canvas, can be deployed in two different ways. Canvas Standalone provides an object-based, easy to use interface. Objects such as DVI, RGB, HD, and video inputs, streaming video inputs, web browsers, image viewers, and local and remote application windows can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the display wall. Jupiter has a long history of providing industry leading hardware for mission critical 24/7 control rooms. Canvas can easily be upgraded to the enterprise version through a new software license and does not require any additional hardware. 

Canvas Enterprise enables video, data, applications, and more to be shared with colleagues anywhere, on any device, delivering end-to-end collaboration. Users can share streams and collaborate from anywhere in the network: at the main display wall, on PCs, and on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Canvas brings a rich set of familiar tools for collaboration and allows annotation directly on live video streams. Object-level security allows managers to create discrete management and access permissions for wall segments, layouts, inputs, applications, and remote cursor control. User activity and event logging allow thorough forensic analysis.

Catalyst in Action

The Catalyst Processor from Jupiter Systems is the perfect solution for control room projects requiring high performance and reliability in a cost effective, space efficient platform.

A Catalyst Display Wall Processor incorporates all of the visual data sources found in a control room environment and displays them in movable, scalable windows on a virtual display comprised of multiple output devices: Direct View LED, LCD flat panels, plasma panels, projection cubes, or a rear projection system.

Data sources can include local applications, remote network applications, remote network RGB streams, compressed network video streams, directly connected SD and HD video, VGA, and DVI inputs. All data sources are accessed from an intuitive and consistent software interface providing complete control of the virtual display surface.