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See and engage every corner of the enterprise, from anywhere, on any device. 

Sharing a common operating picture is essential to effective management. Canvas enables video, data, applications, and more to be shared with colleagues anywhere, on any device, delivering end-to-end collaboration. Live H.264 video streams, VNC viewer windows, active web browser windows, and desktop presentation screens.

Users can share streams and collaborate from anywhere in the network: at the main display wall, on PCs, and on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Canvas brings a rich set of familiar tools for collaboration and allows them to be used in ways that no other system can. And, unique in the industry, Canvas allows users to annotate directly on live video streams. Create shared whiteboards for brainstorming.

With Canvas, smartphones and tablets can also be sources. Point the mobile device camera at anything and share live video with remote colleagues. View the scene in front of you as well as an overlay of information from experts at other sites.

No matter what needs attention or who sees it first, any situation captured in a stream can be shared quickly and easily with team members, regardless of their location.

New in Canvas 5.7

Canvas 5.7 dramatically improves hardware performance and introduces a new capture board into the Catalyst family!

New features of the updated Canvas 5.7 software include:

  • 4K Outputs - Catalyst XL and Catalyst 4K now supports up to 14 4K outputs
  • UHD Capture Board – The new 4 channel UHD capture board is now available on the Catalyst XL! Each port can support resolutions up to UHD for a totaly of 4 UHD inputs at the same time. The input ports can be synchronized together to support 8K resolution across all 4 ports.
  • Russian Language Pack – Canvas now supports Russian Localization!
  • Custom EDID – With the advancments in display technology, EDID handling is becoming a necessity. This feature will let the user either manually create a custom resolution natively within Canvas, import an EDID from a display or manually upload an EDID file.

Instant connection and access 

Canvas transforms your computer, tablet or smartphone into a portable video wall to provide instant connection and access to essential visual information from anywhere. Share camera feeds, web pages, application screens and real time data for rapid, well-informed decision making.

End-to-end collaboration

Canvas elevates teamwork to a level previously unimagined by enabling remote users to be both sources and destinations for visual information. Colleagues can annotate directly on live video streams as events unfold, empowering true end-to-end collaboration.

Collaboration, evolved

Canvas enables managers to annotate directly on live video shared with remote colleagues across a broad array of devices.

  •   Circle, label, identify, or annotate areas of interest on live video
  •   Use the keyboard to type comments directly on live video
  •   Drag shapes from the toolbar to any area in the video to be resized, colored and titled
  •   Create whiteboards for brainstorming
Watch the Canvas video
Watch the Canvas video

A secure system

Canvas authenticates users via the customer’s own Windows Active Directory. User permissions, including access to specific sources and features are assigned and managed by the system administrator. Role-based security makes management of large numbers of users and permissions easy and flexible, according privileges to cadres of users sharing a common role in the enterprise.

Employing a superior security design, Canvas provides object-level security for all sources, eliminating inadvertent disclosure of restricted content. The system actively prevents users from sharing sources with any other user lacking appropriate permission.

Content and communications to and from mobile devices are encrypted, because you should feel as secure working in the field as you do in your office. Upstream video from mobile devices is encrypted with AES 128/256 encryption, including SHA-1, 80-bit authentication. Video sent downstream to mobile devices is protected with HTTP basic authentication and SSL encryption.

Use your Canvas video wall for in-room presentations, too

Your Canvas video wall can be used for displaying content for a local audience when not in a Canvas session. DVI inputs can be connected to a Fusion Catalyst display wall processor running Canvas for display on the attached video wall. Now the local video wall can be used for making in-room presentations or viewing other sources not intended for sharing and collaboration.